Crystalina – Light up Fairies & Jewelery – Turquoise


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    Product description
    Crystalina dolls light up when you shake them! Each doll has a different primary color that embodies a specific crystal power (love, wisdom, luck or healing) but are capable of all colors. Comes with an amulet that can pass colorful light patterns back and forth with Crystalina doll. The amulet is wearable so you can take Crystalina’s power with you. You can even pass colors back and forth from doll to amulet or connect additional dolls!

    Magically pass colorful light patterns back and forth from doll to the amulet.
    Different light patterns have different meanings (be courageous, practice kindness). Refer to attached map for all different moods
    Share colors and powers with other dolls and amulets!
    Both the doll and amulet have multi color LED’s that change colors and patterns when you shake
    Light up amulet is wearable! Share colors and patterns with friends