Happy Hop – Castle Bouncer with Slide


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    robust electric fan included – strong laminated polyester and sandwich PVC material – strong stitching bonds for added durability – anchor pegs – highest quality manufacturing standards Suitable for 3 children between 3 and 10 years old. Designed to resemble a castle with a slide exit.

    • Length: approx. 3.65 m
    • Width: approx. 2.65 m
    • Height: 2.15 m
    • Area: 9.67 m² *
    • max. Load weight on the hip surface: 135 kg
    • max. Number of users: 3
    • max. Point load: max. 45 kg
    • Package weight: approx. 18.00 kg
    • Material: laminated PVC, nylon fabric
    • The blower must be running during use
    • Low airflow through holes of
    Needle stitches of the seams and at
    Stretching joints are normal
    • Separate, inside sewn air chambers made of white
    Nylon for slowed down distribution of air currents
    while hopping