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    HP Everyday laminating pouches protect your important documents from color changes, moisture and wear. Whether for hobby or commercial use, film lamination is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility. Use it to protect your recipes from grease splatters, your children’s drawings from wear and tear, or give your menus a wipe-clean functionality.

    Hot lamination requires an appropriate laminator and is a breeze:

    First, select the desired laminating film and turn on the machine. Place the document you want to laminate in the centre of the laminating pouch, leaving an even margin all around. When your laminator has reached the appropriate operating temperature for the thickness of the film, place the laminating film closed side first into the machine. Wait for the laminating process to complete and allow the finished document to cool briefly before using or cutting.

    The laminating pouches
    Foil size: DIN A4
    Film size: 216 mm x 303 mm
    Film thickness: 80 microns
    Colour: transparent
    Surface: glossy
    Application: for hot lamination
    Contents: 100 pieces in a folding box