Outsiders – Pro Stunt Scooter – Illusion (081A)


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    Product description
    Hop on the cool trick scooter from Outsiders, created in a design that stands out in the skate park.

    Whether it is your first time you enter the skate park or you are the king of the ramp, this scooter is for you. The Illusion scooter is created with dimensions that will be familiar to both beginners and experienced skaters and is created with a cool design that is guaranteed to stand out among the rest.

    The spoked core wheels have an aluminum core, which gives you some very durable wheels that are also a treat to look at.

    Product specifications:

    Total height: 80 cm
    Compression type: HIC
    Wheel diameter: 110 * 24 mm
    Weight: 3.86 kg
    Bar width: 560 mm
    Headset type: semi-integrated
    Fork type: Threadless
    Max. user weight: 100 kg
    Material: Aluminum 6061
    Deck design: One-piece
    Deck length: 500 mm
    Deck width: 115 mm
    Dropout Form: Peg-cut
    Fork design: Two pieces
    Bar Material: Steel
    Bar outer diameter: 22 mm
    Bar inner diameter: 19 mm
    Clamp size: Quad
    Wheel profile: Round
    Wheel hardness: 88A
    Wheel hub width: 80 mm
    Core material: Aluminum
    Core design: Spoked
    Axle diameter: 22 mm
    Bearing: Chrome ABEC-9
    Breaking type: Steel