Rainbocorns – Sparkle Heart Series 3 – Poppycorn (30241)


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    Discover the cutest, cuddliest puppies you’ll ever meet with Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise! There are 7 Puppycorns to collect including Posh the Poodlecorn, Missy the Huskycorn and even Dotty the Rare Best-in Show Bulldogcorn! (Each sold separately)

    Each Puppycorn has a unique Scratch ‘n’ Reveal heart which shows what your Rainbocorn loves! Unbox 7 layers of surprise inside, including Boo-Boocorn Puppies, Scratch n Sniff Stickers, and new Puppycorn magic color mix poop that magically changes color and stretches over 3000% in size! Which Puppycorn will be your new furry best friend?!

    Contents: A large egg, a puppycorn, a boo-boocorn egg, a boo-boocorn pup, a rainbocorn colour mix poop, a scratch n sniff sticker and a collector guide
    7 styles to collect (Each sold separately)
    New cute and cuddly Puppycorns to collect and love like your own furry best friend
    Each Puppycorn has a unique Scratch ‘n’ Reveal heart
    7 surprises to discover and unbox