The Influencers


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    A filter can hide all manner of secrets…When budding true crime blogger Maggie Shaw is invited to the Influencer of the Year awards, it feels like everything is finally falling into place. The party is held on a glamorous yacht and presents the perfect opportunity for Maggie to network – the first step towards achieving her dream of turning her hobby into a full-time job. But by the end of the night, there’s one question on everybody’s lips: who killed Stella Knight?Stella was beautiful and famous.

    Her life appeared to be perfect. But behind the facade, Stella had made a number of enemies – and all of them were on board. A page-turning crime thriller, perfect for fans of Catherine Cooper and Lucy Foley.

    Praise for The Influencers’I sped through this book at lightning speed. I loved it.’ NetGalley review ‘OMGGG I knew this book was going to be fabulous after reading Leonard’s debut last year, but wow that ending was really something… I sailed through this glamorous, pacy and thrilling ride of a novel.’ NetGalley review ‘I loved it!!!! I’ve always been invested in books with deal with rich people mystery, murder and suspense and SV delivered everything in this one!’ NetGalley review ‘A thrilling, glossy, and super fun thriller.

    The pacing was spot on and it was very engaging. I loved all the different characters and the way the author integrates them. Definitely see this being a popular summer book.

    Also… THAT ENDING!!!!’ NetGalley review ‘Glamorous and seductive, The Influencers is a classic whodunit with a brilliant twist. Pure escapism, I loved it.’ NetGalley review ‘I loved this one.

    Very fast paced, had me turning pages as I tore through it – I had to see how it would end.’ NetGalley review ‘An addictive, mysterious thriller which keeps you gripped right until the last page!’ NetGalley review ‘I absolutely love this sundrenched thriller! A collection of social media stars go on a trip and one ends up dead. An updated classic whodunit! I spent the entire book trying to figure out the mystery and was highly entertained.’ NetGalley review