The Little Book of Eurovision : The Glitz, the Hits, and the Russian Grannies


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    Everything you want to know about the fabulousness that is Eurovision!The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the world’s longest running TV programmes, and has become a much loved tradition across Europe and now Australia. From the spandex to the glitter, ABBA to Lordi, and the unexpected winners to the “nil points” losers, The Little Book of Eurovision will take you through the best and the “Wurst” moments of the last 65 years. Eurovision has come a long way from its very first competition in 1956, with just seven entrants and a studio audience of 200 people.

    Now people gather for Eurovision parties, complete with food and drink from the competing countries, and even dress up in finery to match the feathers, sequins, and leather on stage. Whether you are a cynic, a true believer or just a disappointed Brit (again), you’ll love reliving the highs and lows of Eurovision through these pages.