Eastpak Double Tranverz M Black


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    Product Description
    Our medium travel trolley is reimagined as a squared-off shape with two functional front pockets. Load up the double-deck compartments of this monochrome design for week-long trips and longer stays away.
    Product Features
    Two compartments with two zip-fastening front pockets and a built-in organiser
    Crafted from 100% polyester
    Telescopic handle, smooth-wheeling system, and TSA three-digit code lock
    Buckle for attaching your bag to your luggage
    Matching lining, trims, and hardware
    No animal products are used to make this 100% vegan product

    Technical Details
    Height:67 cm
    Width:35 cm
    Depth:32 cm
    Volume:80 Liter
    Weight:3120 g
    Warranty:30 years